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Let's START with the why...

Our Mission

Through our passion for human connection and a fierce belief in the potential of people and communities, START aims to deliver and influence excellence in mental health and wellbeing provision in Salford and beyond.


Our Values- the 4 pillars that underpin our work

  • Creative - we value the potential creativity has for improving mental health and the power it gives to all of us to think differently and to innovate
  • Compassionate - we view the world through a compassion focused lens; we allow ourselves to feel and this helps to drive our mission and impact
  • Collaborative - working together is at the heart of everything we do; with the people we support, our staff and volunteers and the other organisations we collaborate with to achieve the best outcomes for our community
  • Committed - we strive to be the best, to ensure people get the best; as individuals and as a company we are committed to focussing on strengths and to continually learn and evolve

Our Aims

  • To support people to recognise their strengths and improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • To re-connect people to their communities to reduce isolation and loneliness
  • To help people to achieve their goals and increase their aspirations for the future
  • To provide high quality services that evidence positive outcomes and value for money
  • To work with a wide range of cross sector partners to enhance our work and that of others