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Make a Referral

Online Referral Forms - For Referrers only

Please be aware that we are unable to accept self referrals.

On this page are links to allow referral agencies to complete our online referral form, or alternatively, download and print a PDF copy to complete and email back to us.

If you are a referrer to the service and require further information please ring 0161 351 6000.

If you are a local resident interested in attending please speak to you G.P, Health Practitioner or Job Centre coach to organise a referral on your behalf.

If you require any further information about referrals, please contact us.

For information, a copy of our class brochure and timetable can be found by visiting the Our Services -Inspiring Minds page on the website.

START Inspiring Minds Re-referral policy

START offers up to 12 months as an intervention with the addition of pathway support into a range of opportunities including volunteering and accredited courses in-house, as well as education, work, leisure and volunteering in the wider community.

Due to the length of the intervention we therefore cannot guarantee that someone who has completed the programme will be able to be referred again. All re-referrals will be discussed with the referrer and a decision made based on individual circumstances and need. There must be a gap of at least 12 months since the previous intervention finished for any re-referral to be considered.

This is to provide access to all individuals who may not have had the opportunity to access our support to date.