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Living Well Salford

Living Well Salford is a community service created in partnership between START, Mind in Salford, Six Degrees & Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust. It is a multi-agency team, who come together to provide positive, humanistic and safe experiences for those people experiencing poor mental health who do not meet the threshold for community mental health services.

Living Well focuses on developing new ways for people to access support which:

recognises people’s strengths and potential
 is designed by people with lived experience, service leaders, clinicians and commissioners
 is based in community settings and is easy to access
supports people with relationships, housing, debt, employment, connecting with their communities
• is provided by communities, including the voluntary sector, social enterprises and statutory services

The Living Well Salford team is made up of both clinical and non-clinical staff and Recovery Workers hosted by START are a core part of the workforce. Recovery Workers are based in a variety of community venues within each neighbourhood of the city, and meet with people wherever it feels best for those they are supporting.

The team also includes Peer Support Workers, Occupational Therapists, Social Worker, Primary Care Network Mental Health Practitioners, a Consultant Psychiatrist, a Volunteer Coordinator and a Community Connector. 

The development of Living Well aligns with a key priority in the NHS Long Term Plan around transforming and realigning community mental health services with primary care networks (PCNs), creating ‘new and integrated models of primary and community mental health care’ by 2023/24.

What People Say About Living Well Salford

'The most, if not only helpful therapy experience of my life! I feel as though I am now armed with the tools to help me cope with the things that I felt like I'd never be able to do; be myself and set boundaries. I also feel like things make such more sense now, I understand to an extent why I am the way I am. I am so grateful for the persistence of the team at Living Well. I was so burnt out and ready to give up on therapy all together - and if you guys hadn't kept calling I'm not sure where I'd be now.'

'I've been in and out of mental health services since 16 and always felt services were very sterile and medication focused. With Living Well I've been treated as a person and not a number and having that personalised approach to normalising certain mental health triggers has genuinely helped me more than any other service... Im now 27 and this is the first time I've actually felt cared for and not 'fobbed off' with another medication. I can't begin to describe how crucial your services were to me and I would genuinely like to thank everyone for the kindness I have received.'

‘Lisa has been amazing and has changed my life for the better! This is not a sweeping statement I have struggled with severe anxiety for over a decade and having someone explain why you are the way you are, giving fantastic advice on how to cope or how to improve has made my life better and easier. I have a lot of work still to do but with the knowledge from Lisa and her time, I feel more confident than ever.’