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Start in Salford creative arts and wellbeing centre

"Learning is key to leading a full life. Our programme helps you to take control and move forwards in life"

Start Inspiring Minds

A Safe and Friendly Haven

Life can be tough sometimes, especially when we struggle to understand what is making us feel so bad. Inspiring Minds is here to help you find some space through a programme of Arts on Prescription, teaching you valuable life skills in the process.

If you're experiencing an issue with your mental health, such as anxiety or depression, our artistic programme will inspire you to get better. It's amazing how something as simple as painting a picture or writing a story can calm life's frustrations and bring about some inner peace.

Improved well-being, a sense of self-worth and greater confidence are all things that our members achieve once they've taken part in Inspiring Minds. You'll also get to interact with others, make new friends, and receive guidance on integrating yourself back into the community. What's more, a lot of the skills you'll pick up will be useful gaining employment, volunteering, education or other leisure activities.

Each workshop lasts for two hours. People initially attend once a week and then this can increase to twice weekly. Once you've completed the programme you can join a leisure group at Start, so you'll always have the support of friends and staff. Alternatively you can work with our community integration worker to look at opportunities elsewhere in the area. Inspiring Minds is an arts on prescription service, so get in touch with your GP, health worker or support worker to see if they can refer you.

What people say about Inspiring Minds

"I has been referred by my GP because I am suffering from depression and social anxiety. For me, Inspiring Minds became the foundation and cornerstone of my recovery as it gave me a place to mix with other people regularly... I have now reconnected with my creative side, which has been a huge boost to my self-esteem and confidence. I feel more stable and optimistic than I did, and have started voluntary work at the Energise Centre not far away. many people around me have noticed that I am a more confident, relaxed and balanced person than I was a year ago."

- Richard

Visual Arts
Our art sessions allow people to try and then develop skills in such things as drawing, painting, mosaic and silk painting. You do not need to have any previous experience and everyone works at their own pace in the relaxed environment of our studios.

Learn to use photographic equipment and enhance your camera techniques to take a great picture. Next, learn to edit your image using software in our editing suite until you have the perfect picture.

Learn basic gardening skills in our beautiful garden at Start. The sessions are tailored to the season as they run throughout the year but they may include planting from the seed, taking cuttings, containter gardening and general garden maintenance.

Relax as you learn italic lettering using ink pens and once you have mastered the letters use them to create gift boxes, labels or scrolls.

Enjoy yourself as you learn the basic skills of using clay to create coil, pinch and slab pots. The move on to explore more advanced techniques and glazing to create a finished piece of work.

Experience the relaxation of stitching, embroidery and other techniques using material to create beautiful pieces of work.