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Start in Salford creative arts and wellbeing centre

Commemorating those we have lost through suicide, saving lives and building resilience within our community

Reach Out

Start Inspiring Minds will be celebrating 25 years of working with the people of Salford in 2018. In this celebratory year we have decided to channel our energies into a year of campaigning throughout the Salford community with our ‘Reach Out-Start to End Suicide’.

Evidence tells us that stigmatising attitudes result in people being less likely to get help or give help. If we don’t speak up about persistent stigma, we are at risk of perpetuating a society where we remain reluctant to reach out for help for ourselves or to others.  

‘Reach Out-Start to End Suicide’ campaign will commemorate those we have lost through suicide, save lives in the future, build resilience within our community and end stigma. This campaign will change behaviours and attitudes to suicide prevention, amplify the voices of people with lived experience of suicide and promote individuals to reach out to those in need of support and/or at risk of suicide and for them to be able to reach out for support.

We are running a number of high profile and highly visible events, promotions and awareness campaigns throughout 2018 and are looking for your support.


Dennis BaldwinCommunications Lead

0161 351 6021

The Sea of Hands of Support
The Sea of Hands of Support' highlights to those of us suffering from mental ill health and at risk of self harm and/or suicide that we are here for them and available to reach out to them and be reached out to.
We will be touring throughout the year having people commit to reach out and be reached out to by pledging through a personalised cut out hand that will be planted to create 'The Sea of Hands of Support' outdoor art installation. This action will inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

Vigil of Remembrance
Losing a loved one to suicide is different than losing a loved one as the result of a disease or a tragic accident.  With suicide the person has actually chosen death.
People don’t know how to relate to death by suicide.  They are at a loss for how to comfort someone dealing with the loss.  Those left behind through suicide often feel alone and reluctant to discuss their feelings or emotions about the death of their loved ones.  They are often afraid that they will be condemned, judged or blamed for their loved one’s death by others for not trying to get that person help.

Surviving Suicide Exhibition
The exhibition will be made up of art works crafted by survivors of suicide and exhibited at a high profile gallery within Salford. Using various mediums, the art works will be accompanied by stories of the suicide survivors and provide insight to how they felt and recovered. It will amplify the voices of people with lived experience of suicide and promote individuals to reach out to those in need of support and/or at risk of suicide while providing insight into what it is to feel suicidal for those without experience and/or knowledge.

World Suicide Prevention Day
World Suicide Prevention Day aims to encourage people to educate themselves and others about preventing suicide; to take action to reduce the suicide incidences by promoting prevention strategies; and to ensure that people at risk of suicide can be reached out to by the community, free from stigma.
Through the sale and distribution of yellow ribbons throughout the year the people can show their support and commitment to start to end suicide.